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Are you a professional with an academic degree, a professor, doctor or engineer?Do you want to sell your knowledge to growing websites, business etc?

Do you feel that you can bring new and interesting ideas? Can you convey them to an audience in an engaging way? CUPI work with a variety of industries and contribute contents to many formats and media options. We bring content for businesses, magazines, websites, advertising and freelancing projects. A degree or education in not a require, but you must be interesting in your way of bringing content.

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Uninspired and tired of your low quality and ​monotonous work space? CUPI offers a consistent flow of well paid, premium and interesting jobs.

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The goal for the writers is to earn as much possible. Therefore we will never ask for any membership fees.

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CUPI works in a way that we make sure that you get you salary each month. Our platform is designed so it will be easy for the writers to keep the salary in track.

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Payments are made fast and secure to your choice of bank account.

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With CUPI you’ll get an interesting and well-paid job. We offer different job opportunities. There is no contest between us, everyone gets enough of work.

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CUPI works with facilitating connections between the big brands and you as a writer. We are trusted by a range of businesses that we match to you.

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Start, build your portfolio, earn money, build connections and relationships with us. You’ll get a steady growing career.

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Cupi writers

Anna Vintsevska

Viral News, Home Style & Decor, Art writer

Anna is a young, ambitious copywriter who is fluent in such foreign languages as French and English. She writes on a wide variety of topics. These are blogs about animals, nature and ecology, the latest technologies, and how to raise your child. Anna is always aware of all the fresh news about fashion and art. And she will tell you not only what's new in the world of the stars, but also what men like, how to improve your relationship, and even what tools do you need to fix a bicycle.

Sylvia Berman

Sex & Adult Content writer

Sylvia is a classically trained ballet dancer, dances a minimum of six days per week. Besides, she is an expert in writing articles about sex, sexual health, and sex products.

Anastasiia Marinich

Art, Fashion & Home Design writer

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Volodymyr Slipets

Product Reviews, Guest Posts and News writer

Team Leader of COPY department, a specialized SEO copywriter since 2016. Spheres are occupied: writing SEO articles, product reviews, and guest posts, looking for trending news (trend hunting).

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